Sunday, January 30, 2011

Neighborhood Craft Night

This past Friday night was our craft night for a group of ladies in our neighborhood.  We started getting together about two years ago, and we rotate from house to house.  Sometimes it’s once a month, and sometimes a little more time goes by between gatherings.  Everyone brings a project to work on, and we eat, and chat, and relax.  We are all varied in our interests and abilities - and a lot of time there’s more chatting and eating than crafting.  We all have kids, so there are always some little ones and big ones popping in to see if they can raid our snacks.  It’s very casual, but lots of fun.  This time I brought along my ticker tape wall quilt, and finished putting the binding on.

Late January 2011 014


I’m pleased with how it turned out, and it fits perfectly in the wall space between the dining room and living room doorways.

I had a little time on Friday to do some blog reading, and I was excited to see Lori Holt's new look!  I love her blog, and sometimes I keep it open while I am at work just to listen to her music.    She is unbelievably talented, and I gain so much inspiration from all of her posts.  I think I am going to have to make some of the cup cozies she gave the tutorial for earlier this month.  I just bought one of those insulated cups and it would be perfect with a quilted cozy!  If you haven’t ever checked out Lori’s blog, Bee In My Bonnet, go now!  You will love it, I promise.

I hope your weekend has been relaxing and warm.  Morning Glory Lane is still buried in snow, so I am thankful for a cozy home and the company of my family.

Wishing you peace and warmth for the week ahead,


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