Wednesday, February 2, 2011

An exciting find

for me, at least!  Over the weekend, I popped into our local thrift and found this…

Viking 003

  A Viking 5540.  She came home with me for $9.99!  Cosmetically, she is a bit rough around the edges, but her motor runs very smoothly.  I may take her into the “machine doctor”  to have him check out the reverse button as it appears to move a little slower than I think it should (the button itself, not the actual reverse action of the motor).  Sadly, she is missing many of her extra feet – only two were included (a regular utility foot and the zipper foot) – but there were lots of extra bobbins.  There was no manual either; however, I easily found one online to download for $7.   Overall, I am thrilled to give her a new home where she will be loved and cared for.

I am enamored with vintage machines.    This love affair started mostly out of necessity.  I learned to sew on my mom’s vintage Singer and also on our high school’s older model Singer’s (home ec).  But when I went away to college, I used some graduation money to purchase a lower-end model machine (another Singer), the first “new” machine I had ever sewn on.  I took good care of it, and it saw me through college and on into the early years of marriage and parenthood.  Until, finally, it just gave up.  Not having any extra money in the family budget for a new sewing machine purchase, I began scouring the rummage sale ads until I found a 1970’s Kenmore for $30.  Two daughters were selling it from their mother’s estate, and it had been lovingly used and cared for.  I gave it a new home, and it has helped me create many, many items for my family and friends.  And so the obsession began.    Since then, I have acquired a 1940’s Singer, another 1970’s Kenmore, a 1960’s Singer, and now the Viking.  I truly love the older machines.  I think they sew beautifully, and have lots of great character.   I can feel the hands of those who have sewn on these machines before me, and I love it that my own hands are now a part of that history.

Viking 008

And on the above mentioned Kenmore, I finished this dress for my niece.  This pattern from Oliver + s is so cute.  This is the second dress I have made for her from this pattern.  I hope she likes it!

Well, it’s another snow day here on The Lane, this time with the addition of some sleet and freezing rain.  We have so much snow here in the city, there is just no where for it to go when we scoop and plow.  It looks like much of the nation has gotten hit with this latest storm.   This winter has been so crazy -  stay safe and warm!

With cozy, warm wishes from my home to yours,


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  1. I loved the 70s Singer we used back in school. It was always in a tiptop condition. My own sewing machine on the other hand... Grr. It has never produced a good stitch and it's not even old. Go figure.