Thursday, January 14, 2010

My “Go-To” Project


I have  a few “standard” gifts I give for new babies, weddings, birthdays, etc.  This blanket is one I usually do for either a new baby gift or a first birthday gift.  It’s a quick and easy pillowcase-style blanket with a novelty print on one side and a coordinating print on the reverse.  I usually topstitch around the edge and tie with with a matching yarn.   For the batting, I like flannel, but I have used cotton batting, or even recycled cotton or flannel sheets.  I like it to be warm, but not overly heavy.  Size varies, sometimes depending on the yardage I have in my stash, but keeping in mind that it is intended to be a toddler blanket – a finished size of approximately 32”x44” is nice.

The one pictured above is for my recently-turned-one nephew.  It has brightly colored snakes and lizards twined around tree trunks.  Over the years I have made so many of these style of blankets – I wish I had kept track.  Each of our kids has one, and they have been affectionately dubbed according to the print on the fabric.  Our 15 year old still has her “strawberry blanket”, and her sister has her “carrot blanket.  The boys each have a “bug blanket” and “frog blanket” respectively.   I hope this newest “snake blanket”  addition will not only bring warmth, but comfort, and get carried around and washed until it is worn thin with love.


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  1. Hi, I just read some of your other blogs - what a great gift it was to receive all the feedsacks !!!! No, I don't think there is ever too much red.. it will be nice to have it for Valentines, unless you're like me - I have several unfinished projects. I'm so glad to join your new blogging experience.