Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Home Again

It’s so good to go, but it is so wonderful to be home again!  There’s nothing like your own bed and your own kitchen!   As usual, the trip went by in a blur.   The actual drive there and back went fairly smoothly.  We avoided most of the bad weather, and although the kids watched a few more movies than I would have liked, we arrived (both ways) sanity intact!  ;)  We were packed into our van like sardines, and I’m sure we provided more than a few laughs to fellow travelers on the roads! 

Christmas Eve and Day were spent between families, and both just flew by.  Since moving to the east coast, we have always traveled back to celebrate Christmas with our parents and grandparents, all of the aunts and uncles (our siblings), lots of extended family, and friends.  The first year we moved, our youngest was 5 years old and very concerned that Santa would find us since we were far, far away from our own home.  Fortunately, Santa Claus did indeed find us.  Somehow he must have known that our children would be worried, and he left a detailed letter explaining that he would make an “extra special”  trip to our house on the night we arrived back from our journey.  And every year since, he has left a note (and sometimes a small gift) beneath the tree of whichever family’s home we are staying on Christmas Eve night.   It’s been a sweet tradition, and makes the coming home drive a little bit easier after leaving behind both of the grandmas and grandpas and the rest of our family.


Sadly, we did have a few upsets during our visit – some health issues with two of the great-grandmothers and some car trouble.  We had to have the alternator replaced in our van (on hubby’s 40th birthday, no less!)  Fortunately, we were able to take care of the van without too much disruption.  I am so thankful this didn’t happen on the drive there or back!  We are keeping both of the great-grandmother’s in our prayers.


The one person we did not get to see was my sister and her husband.  My sister is a nurse and had to work both on Christmas Eve and Christmas.   Hopefully we will get to see each other soon.  I did take a picture of her quilt before I wrapped it up.

The front…


and the back…


The colors are much prettier in person – I would love to have a better camera! ;)   I hope she likes it!

This week is back to work and school…sigh.  The tree is down and most of the mess is picked up.  Now I hope to find a few moments to linger with a cup of coffee (and some left-over fudge!) and catch up with some blog reading!

With happy Christmas memories,


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