Friday, February 3, 2012

A Gift for Baby

I finished up this baby set a week or so ago, and am just now getting it in the mail.  Running to the post office around here can sometimes be quite a chore.  Some weeks it fits seamlessly into our routine, and other times, not so much. 
 The parents are close friends of ours, and this is baby #4 for them as well.   I love, love, love vintage children's prints, and this one from The Little Engine that Could is so sweet. The Little Golden Books will forever remain classics.  Somehow they manage to seem vintage even when they are brand new.  And I love that you can still usually find them at the grocery store, just as I did growing up. 


As I do with a a lot of baby/child quilts I make, I tied it with a soft yarn versus machine quilting.  I think the ties keep the quilt soft and cozy, and give it a bit of an old-fashioned touch - sort of like something made by Grandma.  I know many people tie their quilts with the excess yarn on the top side, but I have always done it in reverse, with the ties on the back side.  This is just the way I was taught.  I don't see many done this way, though.  How do you tie yours? I included a knit washcloth and two matching burp pads.  (As I well remember, by the time you get to baby #4, having matching anything feels extravagant!)

I wanted to include something for the older sibs, too, so I put together a couple of zipper purses for the girls and a pillowcase for the boy.  Unfortunately, I didn't grab a pic of the pillowcase.  It was hopefully suitably boyish, made from an alien novelty print I had stashed.

It is fun putting together gifts for others.  And, especially, when you know how much it will be appreciated.  

Happy Weekend!

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  1. What lovely gifts. I would have been thrilled to receive them for my babies. I tie my quilts too for the same reason. They just seem so cozy that way!