Friday, February 11, 2011

More wall art

Well, I’m still hooked on the ticker tapes.  What started out as some throw pillows for our bedroom, ended up as some more wall art…

February 2011 018

  I used a dark, chocolate-brown linen for the background fabric, and then I cut into a small piece of pink and brown floral yardage from my stash for the “tickers”.  I quilted the linen and squares to some flannel, and then washed and dried them to get the raveled and wrinkled look.   I had some large pieces of thick cardboard that I simply wrapped the finished pieces around.  I then secured them in back with tape.  This way, if I decide to use them for something else (like pillows!), I can easily remove them.  

February 2011 022

I’d like to make a few ticker tape doll quilts to stash away for gifts, too.  I love being able to use those tiny scraps that I hate to throw away.  I’ve really had a lot of fun!


Over the summer I found this little book at the thrift, and I am just now getting around to looking through it. 

February 2011 009


It is mostly in black and white,but the information and history is quite interesting.  There are some photos of quilts from the mid 1800’s that are beautiful, even without being able to tell their colors. 




February 2011 012

Where did these ladies find the time to dedicate to their quilts?!!  So beautiful and so inspiring.

May your weekend be filled with inspiration,


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