Thursday, June 3, 2010

Everything’s coming up roses

Evan's birthday and blog stuff 058

I wanted to share with you a few photos of my roses.  They are in full bloom right now, and their scent is wonderful.  I love roses!



Evan's birthday and blog stuff 061 We have lived here for three years, and in that time, this bush has nearly doubled in size.  Each year the blooms are more and more prolific.  A few times each growing season, I bury some banana peelings around its’ roots – an old wive’s tale I heard about many years ago.   At any rate, they seem to like it!


Remember the oliver + s dress I was making for my niece?  I finished it, and now I need to send it off in the mail.

Evan's birthday and blog stuff 070

I am mostly pleased with it.  Although, I will make some changes the next time around.  I used the 18-24 month size which was the smallest size in the package.  The sizing looks to be good, and I like that the loose fit is such that it will be able to be worn with leggings or pants as it gets to be too short for a dress.  I didn’t add the pockets, but for an older child/size, I probably would.  Next time I will not make the  notched “v” neckline quite as deep.  I had difficulty manipulating the fabric around the “v” when attaching the yoke to the dress.  This might not be an issue, however, when using a larger size.  The only exposed seams in this dress are the side seams of the dress.  The pattern suggested using french seams – which I did – and this makes the inside of the dress nicely finished.  All in all, I do like this pattern and will be making it again.  However, the real review will come from my sister-in-law after it gets worn and washed a few times!

Evan's birthday and blog stuff 067I also finished another baby quilt top.  The colors turned out to be somewhat Easter-ish, but I think it will make a sweet baby girl’s quilt.   The lavender and green floral fabric is from a vintage, smock-style apron I found at the thrift store awhile back.  I was able to get twelve six-inch squares out of the back and upper front.  The lower front was not in usable condition, but I do have a little left over for some smaller piecing.  I have another apron, same style, in a different color-way, purchased at the same time, and I believe probably made by the same person. 

Here is a full shot of the quilt top, but the colors are not right.  I had trouble getting good lighting.   The photo above is a much more true representation.   As you can see below, Mrs. Whiskers feels the need to be in the middle of things!

Evan's birthday and blog stuff 063

Now I need to pick a backing!  And get some more batting – I’m all out.  Oh darn, looks like I’ll need to go to the fabric store again!   Well, maybe for the sake of peace and harmony in the Morning Glory Lane household, I better check my stash one last time!  ;)


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  1. I love historical sites. So fun and your projects are really great.