Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Green Finish

A Thursday morning finish - I put the last of the stitching in before I left for work!  I am so happy to have it all quilted and bound.  A very simple broken-strip pattern, but I love the monochromatic color scheme.  I guess it could be my St. Paddy's Day quilt, just a little early!  

On the back are my free form, log-cabin inspired blocks floating on some off white, organic cotton I happened upon last year in my local fabric store.  The store owner buys up end lots from high end manufacturers and sells them at amazing prices.  It has a wonderful feel to it that I think will only get better and better as it gets used and laundered through the years.

Well, it's time to add the sugar, potatoes, and water to my sourdough starter yeast mixture - I'm still craving those cinnamon rolls!  Hoping to make some granola today, too.  Late last night I mixed up some Popcorn Haystacks for the kids - more on those soon!  Family, baking, errands, sewing, laundry, groceries, the vet, cleaning, reading, and much more. The weekends are always so full with both have-to's and want-to's.  What is that old saying...a full life is a happy life? Indeed.   
May the weekend in your life be full.

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