Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pedaling forward

I haven’t disappeared, I’ve just been busy, busy, busy.  But aren’t all our lives like that sometimes?  So I just keep pedaling forward.  Some of my “busyness” has been in the creating department, which always feels good – much better than housework!  (Although, housework, I have to admit feels good after its done, just not while I’m in the midst of it!)  I decided to have a go at some crocheted baby booties last week at our neighborhood craft night.  For my first pair, I was pretty pleased.

Spring 2011 019


I think I will save them for a future baby gift. 




Spring is here and the crocuses are up!  As we have just moved into this house in the fall, we have been pleasantly surprised by the spots of spring color throughout our front yard.  They are so nice to come home to.

Spring 2011 043







I am looking forward to Easter, how about you?!


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