Friday, June 19, 2009

La Mer

2009 Spring Ellie's Graduation2 061 We’ve lived on the coast for four years now.  Living most of my life in the midwest where the bodies of water consisted of lakes and rivers, I am entranced by the sea.  One of the first things we did when we moved out here was to locate a few beaches and explore.   We have a few favorites, but truly, there is something to love at all of them.  They each of their own personality

Another thing we try to do,is  to visit during the different seasons.  The mellowness of fall is probably my favorite, but, then again, there’s nothing like the warmth of the sun in early summer at the start of beach season.  To the kids, it doesn’t matter – they love them all.     2009 Spring Ellie's Graduation2 049  2009 Spring Ellie's Graduation2 064  We live in the city, and trips to the beach make me long for a tiny cottage by the sea.  It sounds so cliche – do all women dream of this?  I can clearly envision picket fences and beach roses.  Screen doors and lemonade.  Rocking chairs and old quilts on weathered porches.  The clean, summer smell of ivory soap and cotton pajamas on sleeping children.   Dusk encroaching and the quiet murmur of evening conversations.  Sweet dreams, indeed.

family fun day sept 06 019July August 2007 042 For now,however, we pack our buckets and shovels, beach chairs, towels, sunscreen, books, our cooler full of snacks and drinks, and drive to the sea.   Gloucester beach 2006 013 She always welcomes us no matter how we arrive.

Gloucester beach 2006 008 The taste of the salt in the air is like nothing else I have experienced.  It envelopes you and seeps into your skin.  It must be therapeutic for your body as well as your mind.   Even when it’s cold, I shed my shoes and let the sand run through my toes.   April 2008 187

  April 2008 184 Someday I’ll go to the seashore with a notebook and write.  Just try to listen and simply write what the sea tells me.   

April 2008 190

The Tide

by Marjorie Wilson

Sometimes we peep beneath the blinds

And through the window bars,

We see the dew like silver clouds:

We see the lighted stars.

And down among the sea-weed pools

Where little fishes hide,

Swift coming through the dark we hear

The footsteps of the tide.

We know, when night is tucked away,

To-morrow there will be

Across the flat and shining sand

The footprints of the sea.


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