Wednesday, July 14, 2010

And the heat goes on

and on and on and on!  To keep cool we have been doing a lot of this…..

June 2010 015







June 2010 018







And on the sidelines, I have found a bit of time to start this…..

June 2010 013







It’s a crocheted, granny-square bonnet.  I thought it would be a cute addition to my niece’s wardrobe for the chilly fall days (although, at the moment,  those fall temps seem soooo far off!).   I am adapting it from a vintage granny-square book I have had for a while.   I’ve got the bonnet part figured out and almost done, but I want to change the ties to something  more modern - and I’m a little “stuck” on that part!  It is a common style I have seen over the years using four separate granny squares and sewing them together to form the bonnet portion. For mine, I have added a few rows of single crochet around the outer edge.   I am contemplating a strap that would fit beneath the chin and button on the other side.  Judging from the weather forecast, it looks like I will have plenty of sticky, hot days (and nights) ahead to figure it all out! 


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  1. Miss the shore but not the humidity. Good for you crocheting in this weather.