Thursday, April 23, 2009


Well, here it first blog post. Welcome to #6 Morning Glory Lane, a cozy home for the sharing of ideas and creative musings. Please come in, the door is always open!

As I get my feet wet learning to post, I thought I'd share a rainy, spring picture with you. We are desperately craving some warm, sunny days in this part of the country, and fortunately the weather forecast for this weekend looks promising. We're keeping our fingers crossed! The "greening up" of my pot of Hen-and-Chicks and their new "baby chicks" gives me hope for warm days ahead.

I wish you a warm and happy spring-filled weekend,



  1. hi elizabeth! come to california...the sun is shining! happy spring!!!

  2. Welcome to the blogging neighborhood! Have fun on your journey and thanks for your warm welcome to your place!